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Welfare (stress) testing

Are your animals stressed?
Being able to prove that your animals are “not stressed” is becoming an animal welfare requirement globally. Measuring stress hormones using a scientifically-validated, data-based method allows animal keepers to quantify and report their animals stress levels. If problems are identified, changes can be made to improve husbandry and reassessed to show the positive impact of those changes.

Corticosterone is the crocodilian, bird and reptile stress hormone, while cortisol is the mammalian analogue. Quantification is based on ELISA methodology and the Centre for Crocodile Research has the protocols - and not just for crocodilians!

We can measure stress hormones from:
                               - Plasma/serum
                               - Feces
                               - Egg yolk

Further evidence of optimal husbandry is the level of the "feel good" hormone, serotonin. We can measure serotonin from plasma or serum.

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