Performance testing


Want to increase farm profit?
Husbandry changes are only one way

Do all of your breeding stock produce high quality offspring that grow well, are disease resilient with little runting? Do all wild collection areas yield the same productivity and abundance? Crocodiles, like all other known production species, have genetic variability that cannot be optimised through environmental manipulation and/or husbandry improvements. However, this variability can be captured to increase farm profitability by removing poor performing breeders from your breeding system, selecting replacements from high performing breeders and correct assessment of new stock.

All studies so far have shown high heritability (40% for growth; 15% for survival) and are yet to be realised on commercial farms. Interested? Please contact us to assist you develop a genetic improvement program and maximise your profits.

Assessing the profitability of husbandry changes

An additional benefit of genetic performance testing is the disentanglement of non-genetic effects (environment, husbandry, etc). The macro- and micro-trends can be used to critically assess husbandry changes, set performance targets, etc.

Reproductive Evaluation

Have you critically assessed your breeding herd’s reproductive efficiency? Are all females producing large healthy clutches with >85% hatchability? The Centre for Crocodile Research can analyse your historic and current reproductive data to determine which females should be replaced in your breeding herd. Maternity tests can genetically confirm the correct female is identified.

Pedigree Testing

Developing and maintaining an accurate pedigree is crucial for a successful genetic improvement program. The Centre for Crocodile Research can confirm parentage of selected individuals to ensure your investment is realised

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